Monday, September 28, 2015

And Now the End is Near

Apocalyptic warnings were high for this night.  September 28th, the night of the last blood moon in what was called a tetrad.  These moons would fulfill a prophecy of something bad happening in the middle east involving Israel that would change the world.  There were tons of other connected warnings of doom too. The Hadron Collider was to blow up the world when it tried to create a black hole.  The pope was visiting the US here in New York which was a major event the same week as Obama.  There was a meteor coming that was gonna hit the earth allegedly and it was the first time since forever that Jupiter and Venus aligned to look like one big star. Some say that was the Star of Bethlehem seen long ago.  Jade Helm is a military group that was rumoured to be training in 7 states in order to take over the west and enforce martial law, say after the meteor strike so all the poor commoners didn't get any ideas about who the food and resources were to be doled out to and that was the 1% hiding safely in their bunkers underground.
Yep.   A lot of food for thought this week.  P and I were to move out of our apartment by the end of next month and our world was to change pretty dramatically regardless of any of these events.  Moving is so hard and dreadful that I almost had a hope that one of these revelations might be true just to get out of having to live in Sunset Park and increase my bike commute.
I waited for the moon to come around the buildings and then dragged P outside to face the end in our pajama bottoms and coats.  I was happy to see a few other couples doing the same.  Folks even poured out of the bars to check out the progress periodically.   The eclipse was impressive but there were clouds and the long wait for it to come back around was a little anticlimactic.   There was some orangish haze but you wouldn't call it blood red.   Eventually we just went back in.  If it happens, we might as well be comfortable and warm I thought.

I also thought, you know it figures the world would end on a Monday.  Probably the reason we all despise this day intuitively.  I don't want to die necessarily like I used to but if it were to happen, I think it would be nice to all go together.  I always go back to the fact that I don't want to fight my way out of New York City.  The same stark realities of physics hit me like my first game of coed dodgeball in first grade.  There was no winning. There was only circumventing pain.
Take out steak taco salads seemed appropriate as a last supper.  A meal in a bowl.  Everything together.  A food and a life theme I'm starting to embrace.  Nothing separate.  Multiple truths and realities.

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