Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Only Difference is Your Down There

The internet is great for introverts. After they cut off my alcohol, turns out I'm not outgoing at all.  Matter of fact, I'm downright shy and all closed up like an abandoned hotel or hospital.  A huge empty space where each room has a story that noone is telling.
I have a few friends, but not buddies like I used to have.  No one to just call and hang with at a moment's notice.  Even my mate has to be given a well thought out proposal for a night out.  It doesn't just happen.  But that's the age I'm in as well.  People are busy with their adult lives, children and families.  You get into patterns and into the wrongly named sweat pants because let's face it, that's the last thing you're doing when you put those things on.
You don't need a sunny day for the internet.  You don't need to dress for the occasion or look your best.  You can sit with hot tea or coffee and explore what delights your senses at any given time.  Except preferably not while you're walking down the street coming straight at me.  Otherwise, anytime is right for catching up with 'friends'.  The criteria has changed as well.  To be a friend, you don't necessarily have to 'be there' and sharing real experiences can happen cyberly.  Pictures suffice.
This works for me because most people that hold any fondness for me live way out of town or in other states I've realized. It seems I am so much better at a long distance.  And they are for me too in ways since I'm not good at showing up to social situations. But is this new way of connecting healthy and does it still provide the same vital hormones needed to replace real human contact?  This I ponder.
I get real sad and lonely but usually a good meal, movie or good song will clear that right up. Or not. It's hit and miss actually but it's always worth a shot.   This quick article caught my eye.  Recreate a Wendy's Frosty, a guilty pleasure for like 70 calories.  That kept me entertained for hours.  Shopped for the bananas, talked about it, went home and finally made it.  It was great and I even shared it with a real live human.
It's not like adding people into the equation ever helped my loneliness before, but it seems the most obvious fix.  I will die trying to figure how to live a happier life.  Until then I live it as happy as I am able.
The internet also inspired me to get creative and make a ground turkey version of a stuffing for turkey.  I used wild rice, nuts, spinach, mushrooms, sage, rosemary and thyme.
I don't always show up for life but when I do I like to try to make it count.

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