Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

My mom used to talk about people and describe to me as a child why they acted as they did, as if she'd studied them deeply all her life.  She has a great way of explaining her point of view by making you see she follows one energy source that she knows exists and lives somewhere among us.  I grew up understanding this way of believing truth.  I wake up and feel the day, as if there is an emotional weather pattern that guides me.  It affects everything about me.  Sometimes I don't like this way of living and other times I realize it's not so much a choice as it is who I am inside.  My mother's child.   A seasoned soul.  A mythos passed down.
I'm writing this in December and it amazes me how strong the current becomes around the holidays.  The highs are grander but the lows are definitely strong, dark shit storms. Worse every year in my opinion. It feels as though I could look between the air to see just how gray and bleak the mood will be.  Pulling back the emotional curtain so to speak of the world's stage.  And I'm not talking just my own personal depression, which is real and sucks greatly but only now at odd various times.  I'm talking about an actual element that surrounds us all based possibly on exactly what we feel inside collectively.   It's out there and it mixes with the air we breathe in and affects us, our thoughts, our actions, the general outlook.
Yesterday this stir fry was good but not special.  Today I paired the leftovers with some fresh herbs and creamy polenta, the brightness of lemon and it transformed itself.  It was better.  Just like some days you wake up to the same ingredients yet every single fiber is just better.  You can't explain it.  I can't explain it.  Nothing has changed except another day has run it's full cycle.
I usually don't believe the future will bring another good day and when it does comes I consider every single one a miracle.

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