Tuesday, June 9, 2015

We're Sailing on a Strange Boat

I love finding new vessels for food.  Had been meaning to try these baked eggs in avocado and when I finally did it happened to be more of a brunch time meal.  I paired it with roasted tomato halves and leftover roasted spaghetti squash.  I topped them with a little sharp cheddar and turkey pepperoni slices.
I thought I seasoned them well before adding the egg but would recommend over seasoning, maybe even a good squirt of lime.  Warm avocado is creamy but it's also sort of bland for me. Actually I'm more grateful that this idea prompts many more roasted stuffed ideas for dinner.   I'm almost envisioning a turducken type of scenario using vegetables.  A medium sized tomato, tucked into another vegetable stuffed with a little ground meat and onions could be fun and rewarding.   I'm digging less clean up and pans these days too.  Lots of after work meals that need to throw down fast.  We're living in a strange time where cooks are trying to accomplish healthier, faster, more efficient, less waste, less clutter meals that they can prepare after work but we also want exciting and fresh plates to eat with our eyes and noses too!

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