Monday, June 8, 2015

Walk Like a Man!

I've often related to men much more than straight women.  Sometimes when I hear a woman's squeaky soft voice at work, my skin crawls.  It's an honest reaction, so what can you do.  It creeps me out.  Generally I can easily talk to men whereas making female bonds is a slower process.  To me it's like dogs and cats.  Of course the dogs are easier, they like everyone whereas cats size you up and you have to build trust with them.  I have often envied too how men can just broad stroke complex problems and are not bogged down by all the details.  I admire men but I am not that.  I need to understand things, maybe a little too much.  I am highly sensitive and get my feelings hurt easily.  I want to think like a man.  I think this will help me in the business aspect of my life maybe as well as my personal dealings.  
Don't get me wrong, I believe the female might ultimately be the smarter of the sexes, the cooler one for sure.  But men have a lot to offer and fascinate me because they seem to be capable of not giving a shit.  This is how P can leave food in the bottom of the sink and water all over the counters when he 'cleans' the kitchen.  The sponge soaking wet and sitting face down in it's own vomit.  I come home and immediately need to remedy this because who could think straight with that going on!?  And yet, there he sits, completely unshaken. Unaware and happy as a loon.
I seemed to pick the hottest days to turn on the oven but I purchased this gorgeous spaghetti squash for a song and needed to fill my empty soul with pasta looking food before the world stole every last ounce of my will.  Vegged up meat sauce with good olive oil and Parmesan.
I really want me some of that man juice.  I'm tired of caring about all the tiny particulars.  I'm sick of my feelings and life stomping on my nerve cells.  I want to sit on the subway with my legs spread wide open taking up at least 3 perfectly good spaces and not have one uncomfortable thought about it.  

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