Saturday, June 13, 2015

Gimme One Reason To Stay Here

This was a rare Saturday off and chance to go stroll the neighborhood.  Beautiful day, sort of dreamy.  Ran into the Brooklyn Flea. It was not crowded.   And since it was our first time out there this summer the choice for tacos was spontaneous and easy.  It's not until after we've been a few times I noticed we don't try something new.  The truth is there is a lot of great food out there but I love me a simple carne taco.  Other things factor in too though. I like this stand. When I like something or someone I know it quickly. And then I really like it.  I like it a lot. I found my stand, possibly one of the last holdouts from the old Red Hook vendors. And there is a very efficient Mexican gay guy that always compliments me on my choice, he walks me through all the condiments and he runs a super clean station.  It's important to know which of the hot sauces has the most heat.  The system is self explanatory, he hands you your napkin and fork.  The counter is not cluttered.  He asks you before putting any item in your taco. And when he's done with you he tells you where to stand and what happens next.  How good is he?!

The other tables are less appealing to me somehow, just being honest.  Talking signage and general vibe.
Although I do side glance over at the guys with the pork and the beards at Porchetta.  That looks like something I should be eating.  Not sure why it would make sense but I trust a guy with a beard roasting up my meat.  
Matter of fact now that I think on it, it is confusing out there in the hot sun. You're hungry, you want something light that's easy to eat in a hurry and then they're throwing all this complicated shit at you.  Dosa, fermented crepes!?  It's all wonderful but I need my choices dumbed way down.  At least provide some helpful info before I throw down my hard earns.  How about some tasting trays guys?  Asia dog.  Got no clue, too many choices,  You gotta pick your dog, your bun AND outrageous toppings from a list named after people all off a board crammed with wild fonts and chalk colors?  Focusing is near impossible.  Give me 3 choices and a price I beg you!  The fries in a giant cone with the handy dipping tray is genius but if I ate that many fries my body would revolt. And a revolution will be scheduled at least once this summer because they look delicious!   I don't want to have to stand in another line for Japanese baby green ginger lemongrass raspberry herbal iced tea with organic honey.  I'm sure it's freaking fabulous but we're not in a resort with a pool.  We're in a steamy concrete lot with limited seating and even less with shade.

These pictures don't really do them justice but these tacos are exciting and the corn torts are homemade. All the salsas are fresh and vibrant.  Two tacos for $6 bucks and they're super easy to eat on the go and I will have room for dinner later that night.

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