Friday, June 26, 2015

Taking Care of Business and Working Over Time

Had to work a little overtime making me rushed and ill prepared for any cooking fun. No time to get food, I needed to use whatever I had.  This wasn't pretty enough to post but turns out a last minute decision to add feta to green beans and tomatoes is really great!  And because nothing was expected from this super quick after work dinner, I gotta give a little shout out to those sweet little turkey bacon-wrapped meatballs.  I got the idea since this particular brand of turkey bacon is so super thin that I burn it every time but it could help out by giving a little kick to the mix.  I only had about a 1/4 lb of ground meat so I grated lots of cauliflower, summer squash, onions, carrots and added oatmeal to stretch it out. Then to add them atop the green beans as if it were pasta, well hey girl, look at you all creative and acting all whimsical.  

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