Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Coming to You Directly from the Mothership, Top of the Chocolate Milky Way

When my doctor's nurse asked me if I preferred the 'other' location for my ear exam I wasn't thinking.  I could go anywhere easily, it's New York.  But the specialist was located on the Upper East Side and it was too early in the morning for me to understand express trains and all of that.  So, I ended up 20 blocks up from my destination and about 4 lonnnnng blocks across town.  It was raining of course and so my plan of getting there early and taking a cute stroll was squashed.  Instead I was running with an umbrella like a rat through a maze.  I stuck my finger in my ear at night like the fool that I am and did some damage but apparently not permanent.  I lost some hearing, which has become a great tool at work when I want to ignore stupid people, shaming them afterwards saying I apologize I have a 'bad ear'.

After the appointment I met a friend and we were to walk through Central Park and have lunch at the Boathouse.  But spring was in a horrid mood that morning and we had a winter like drizzle with super cold temps leaving you just wanting to go inside to get warm.  We took the walk and thank God for good conversation because it was a miserable day.

But even on her worst day, Manhattan still takes my breath away.  The park, Times Square, the Village, the rich fucks on the upper East side, it's all pretty darn inspiring.

We ended up sacking the Boathouse idea and ducked into a diner on Lexington.  Diners are comforting.  They bring you hot coffee and I love the ultra efficiency, the flow they have going and do so well.  You don't realize you're on the conveyor belt until that check comes and you have about 5 minutes to get the hell out before they need the table and the bus boy starts giving you the stink eye.

New York City really is incredible and as exciting as advertised even with it's homogenized makeover.  So much is untouched or has morphed into something even more dark after they tried to clean it up, like Times Square.  That is one creepy ass place.   No where have I felt such a bad funk.  I love going there.  Funk not only moves, it can remove!

I went home and made a kitchen sink salad, which included everything I could think of including cannellini beans, carrots, eggs, tomatoes, strawberries, sweet onions, olives, baby spinach, avocado, turkey bacon.  A lot to take in.

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