Monday, June 15, 2015

Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now

This is Veggetti coins basically....just your medallion cut zucchini sauteed and topped with a nice tomato and ground turkey sauce with lots of vegetables.
Reprogramming your brain as a cook to replace certain empty carbs with vegetables is a slow process but when movement happens it can be in mini landslide.  Take the Veggetti concept, vegetables cut to noodle shapes to replace white flour pasta.  Seems simple enough but then you realize you can look for any vegetable that would slice up well or hold a sauce and then the possibilities open up quite a bit.  I hope so far mostly just using zucchini actually.  But zucchini is great because it is complementary with various herbs and can be used with white, red or no sauce at all.  It is inexpensive, stores well and is a great filler for turkey burgers, cut up in salads raw, in scrambled eggs, so there is never waste.

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