Friday, July 4, 2014

Up On the Roof

4th of July Fireworks on our Brooklyn roof!
Renewed holiday excitement this year due to DiBlasio bringing the fireworks back to the viewing pleasure of Brooklyn residents.  

What a treat to lay on the roof and watch all these amazing displays.

Ultimately, I totally dug them!

But first, the rooftop picnic!  Iced lemon seltzers, cold watermelon, veggie chips.  After work I did a quick salad resuscitation on these already pretty good chicken taco bowls from Habana to go.  I added corn and black beans, more tomatoes, avocado, shjuzzed up the meat and I took the greens and tossed them with fresh herbs and a garlic lime vinaigrette.  Much, much better!
At first the night threatened to be a bit cloudy.
....but they all drifted away by nightfall.
I was ready like 3 hours early for the festivities to begin.  Nerd Alert!
 By the way, coldest NYC 4th that I can recall.  We had to reconnoiter and run down to put jackets on!  What?!

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