Monday, July 28, 2014

We Got Married In a Fever

When one thinks of their marriage day, normally thoughts of lots of family, a church, white fabric and lace, people fussing and general chaotic happy moments come to mind.  I've been dating and living with P now for 23 years and we decided it would be a great idea to finally get married since we've talked about it for about a thousand years and there would never be a time that made absolute sense.  So already, this was a bit different.  We didn't get married in a church but instead went to the Brooklyn Municipal Building to see the Justice of the Peace.  As with most things in Brooklyn, there was a line and anxious couples were to wait to see a woman behind a glass window that would somehow make them feel inferior.  Most of the romance was stripped from the experience until we finally got into the 'ceremony room' where we actually had to stand on a podium and hold hands and face each other and say whatever it was we said ending in 'I do'.  I usually black out emotionally during any true event so everything is in fragments but I'm pretty sure it was kinda beautiful.  Something profound struck me like in the Grinch (which my dad always called me by the way) when he finally understood the meaning of Christmas.  There was no time for cryin' as just as the tears were welling up, the civil servant pointed us to the exit door to usher in the next couplet.  We shot some very quick pics and shuffled off and out.

I was sick as a dog with a horrible sore throat and the sweats the whole weekend prior.  That feeling you get with a bad cold where you can't really hear or swallow properly and the only time you feel okay is when you're horizontal and not making a sound.  I was in bed for the two previous days trying to get healthy but instead it appeared to get worse and my voice was going out.  For the week prior, I felt this illness coming on like a storm.  My legs felt like they were made of iron and everything hurt.
We wait this long and the day comes and I feel like crap, look paler than normal and my eyes have that hollowed out grey tone?!  Thanks universe.
I had went out a few days before and found a cute sun dress that matched the bright blue colors in P's Western shirt he would wear that day.  Done.  I thought it would be nice to wear flowers in my hair like you see women do in the movies when there is no budget and it's an informal type ceremony.  But the day came and I did what I could to not look a hundred years old, flowerless.  
I thought it'd be a great idea to have burgers and shakes from the Shake Shack afterward with our witness to celebrate as it's a NY institution and there is a location right across the street.  We were going to stroll Governor's Island on bikes and take the ferry across the sunlit waters of the mighty Hudson.  But afterwards after being in heels waiting in a line in a brightly lit bad office building with drop ceilings and soaking up the local downtown Brooklyn flavor and smells, I felt the need to lay it down.  We got on the bus! back home, which itself is a funny scene and actually enjoyable at that time of the morning.  Why not do the whole city venture theme.
P allowed an elderly lady to sit after I nudged him to get his ass up.  We musta looked freshly something because people were staring and we weren't exactly dressed up.
We stopped at 67 Burger and hauled it back home to have a picnic in bed.  Honestly, the best idea ever!  And thankfully they had shakes and burgers I'm sure to match Shake Shack.


  1. I chanced upon your site while Googling the meaning of the song "We Got Married in a Fever". Your story of getting married in the City's Municipal Building in Brooklyn made me smile and jogged some distant memories of my and my wife's wedding day. While my wife of 34+ years and I didn't get married in a municipal building like you, we DID choose to do it in a unique and under spoken manner. We chose the United Nations Chapel in mid-town Manhattan with just eight attendees. That evening, after we'd spent a lovely afternoon with family at a beautiful and historic restaurant on Long Island called "The Maine Maid Inn", Jeanne and I chose to visit the North Shore Animal League because we both love dogs so much. Like you, we chose to celebrate our wedding day as we wanted it, not as the wedding industry mandates it should be. Thanks for sharing your memories and for allowing me to share ours. Bob Bard 😎

    1. Hi Bob! Oh this is so cool. Thanks for reading the blog! I'm glad you enjoyed the story and it's great hearing of your experience too! I'd be honored to have you as a reader! Welcome!


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