Saturday, July 5, 2014

Pretty Baby Please Don't Go

In a moment of sweet succulent weakness, I let pork in the door in the form of a chop.  I went from eating pork in some form or other about 3 times a week all of my life! to never eating it so to actually have it on the bone even in a quickie meal like this was such a delightful treat.
Pork is one of the foods I gave up this year.  Of all the foods though, pork is particularly difficult because I truly enjoy and understand the pork meat, dontchaknow.  Pork is fatty but oh so delicious.  The satisfaction you reach when eating pork far exceeds the chicken. It makes me happy and when I eat it I feel joyful and fulfilled.  That is really important too in the scope of your overall health, isn't it?   There was a recent study done on stress and how women can gain a substantial amount of weight eating the same foods just based on the tension we carry.  Our minds eat too.  Our soul needs feeding as well.  Like everything else, eating healthy is complicated.  You can't just concentrate on calories.  

What's it worth to feel your needs realized?  What's it cost?

It's a known fact though, today's pork is not good for me, it's a cancer causing food, the nitrates in bacon may be a trigger for my migraines and the high saturated fat content, cholesterol alone along with a risk of getting tapeworms....the list goes on of reasons why I shouldn't eat pork.

But I ache to have my little buddy pork back in my life in some form or another.  It's almost more torturous to remember how good it is like with this simple quick meal that I barely had to think of for a second before enjoying it.  If a fast chop is this good, how satisfying would a whole roast shoulder be all pulled and moist.  Almost harder to taste it again and have all those senses opened up just to shut it all down again.

People say everything in moderation but I've never been good at limits or balance.

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