Friday, July 11, 2014

It's Good To Touch the Green Green Grass of Home

My sister was telling me all about her garden in the backyard of her home in Colorado.  It was my day off and I was thinking, man, I should go down in that back area of our building and make a little garden.  Would the rats eat everything?  Does the lack of sun down there make it a lost cause?  Ugh.  Seems like so much work.
So I thought about it so more and went ahead and made this less than inspired ground turkey with corn over mixed greens and polenta.
It was good and actually, adding the greens really provided a good texture and more spring-like feel for an otherwise comfort food type of meal.
All the sudden I see one of my Mexican brothers on my fire escape and he's pulling off all the overgrowth that climbed its way up the building over my window, which I loved actually.  It provided privacy for my nude shenanigans. Then I look down and there are about 5 other guys cleaning up this aforementioned back yard! 

Like a little dream come true and within a couple of hours it was all cleared and lovely.  My sister is growing tomatoes, herbs, squash, beets, lettuces, zucchini, and other amazing beautiful things....

I will be lucky if I go down and sit in this area let alone grow anything of value.  But it's enough to know that it is clear and clean for now.

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