Thursday, July 31, 2014

Touch Me in the Morning

Somehow I began guessing the outcome of my day based on the mood of my Chinese laundry guy, when I drop off my load in the morning.  When he's in a great mood his smile lasts all day and I just know everything is right.  But many times he looks as though he carries the troubles of the world on his shoulders.  I've asked like 5 times and believe his name is Guy but I"m probably wrong so I never call him by it. Instead I just say 'hey!  how are you?'.  This is my modus operandi for most people, as I am terrible with names and my memory is even worse.  I think he has problems with his aging parents who also work there.  Not sure also if this is true just something I've presumed based on the fact that there are two super old people working there and it'd be weird if they weren't related.  The older feller mixes up our socks and we sometimes we get baby onesies or an oversized tshirt.
Unfortunately as I write this post, my Guy was depressed, looked tormented.  I'm getting a lot done this morning and felt like maybe it could be a great day.  I hope I can turn this around.   I'm no stranger to anguish.  As a matter of fact, every day off I have to hit the ground running or else that loud devil will nail me as he often does.  It's probably not the actual devil but one of his demon minions.  Why would he bother with me?  But for that matter, why is anyone messin' with my super cool, super hardworking laundry guy?  He's pure light.  All he does is work hard probably all for family.  He's getting very old and never takes time off.  I don't think he's spending any time on beaches.

I really want good things for him and his family.  That'd be funny if he based his day off of my frame of mind. Poor guy, no wonder he's depressed.  I picked up some items off the Weight Watcher's menu from the #1 Chinese Restaurant on Fulton.  First I was afraid no one ever did that so the food would be weird or they'd get the order wrong but it turned out so good.  The vegetables are perfectly cooked, at their very best with the bright green colors and bite, yet the sweetness of the steaming comes out.  Gorgeous.  A little Srirachi and soy is all it needed.  I hope the good times will last.

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