Sunday, August 3, 2014

It's Only Love and That Is All

Baby Bok Choy.  Even the words make me feel better.  This vegetable is just what the doctor ordered.  It's a leafy, vitamin rich succulent green and for me, it's the watermelon of the vegetable world.  It's my veggie bestie.  It's juicy and loves me back! I can't get enough and it's okay because it's only 13 calories.
Just when I was gonna give up ever finding something fun to make with my ground turkey, I ran across this recipe for meatballs and bok choy.  Of course I didn't really follow the recipe, just looked at the pictures and list of ingredients.  Did my own take as I'm apt to do and it was fabulous!
And I got a gold star for using the leftover brown rice we had with our take out Chinese the day before in the meatballs to replace the jasmine rice.  As an added bonus tip, I've noticed that just a few tablespoons of leftover rice crisped up and add to vegetables can act as a 'bacon bit' of sorts.  Really nutty toasty flavor.  
For my own little spin, I added sauteed sweet white onions and mushrooms to the plate.

Best Sunday after work meal in a long time!

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