Sunday, August 10, 2014

Find 100 Ways

Talk about someone who puts things off but can't let things go.  I'm writing this today in April 2016 but didn't want to forget this day August 10th, 2014.  There was a full moon, super bright shining down on my street.
I know I made a slightly dry turkey burger with turkey bacon over Vidalia onion slices.
And I refreshed a salsa with corn and feta cheese, lime juice.
My cat Willie was still alive and even though he and Mona never ever laid together, they did on this day.
I titled this post 2 years ago, was probably going to find a clever way to write about finding a 100 ways to use ground turkey.  You'd be hard pressed to find 30 ways to use it.  As a matter of fact, I have since realized how bad it probably is when at the time it was still the healthy alternative to the red slime that was ground beef.
R.I.P. Willie Johns the cat.

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