Thursday, August 7, 2014

Pretty on the Inside

The day finally came that every girl dreams about.  I got my Veggetti!  And it is glorious!!!  I couldn't be more excited to try all the little recipes that came in the instruction booklet. But the first dish I made was this Zucchini Primavera.  I guess that's an obvious choice but man it was the right one. I was kinda surprised at how easy it was to use and how many ideas you get once the vegetable is sitting there all pasta like in that heap that I have missed so much.  Usually gadgets like this sound like a good idea and then they either fall apart of are clumsy to operate.  This is simple and quick.
Easy to clean although beware, it clearly states Do NOT stick your fingers in the opening of the vegetti.  And that means you, dirty bird!  Ahee hee hee!  Don't think I didn't use THAT one about a dozen times when sharing my story at work.
It works wonders on that medium sized zucchini or yellow summer squash.
I sauteed the sliced strips with sweet onions in olive oil and tons of garlic.

I topped that with sliced grilled chicken breast, fresh peas, tomatoes and mushrooms and some fresh mint and a drizzle of good Extra Virgin olive oil.

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