Friday, August 22, 2014

Now That I Have Found Ya, How Did I Live Without You (I Don't Know Baby)

Eggplant has not been my favorite, nor has it been any kind of familiar item in my kitchen.  Anything that you need to cut and then put on paper towels to salt and bleed out the liquid always sounded way too laborious to me.  Foo foo unnecessary silliness with food, I am not a fan.  But PathMark had them for a dollar.  Huge ginormous eggplant for a dollar!  And it came with two green bell peppers for another forty nine cents.  Who can argue with that logic?  Sense would tell you to get two but I knew it would be a miracle if I got one made before it went bad.  Once in a blue moon P speaks coherent sentences and something stuck a long time ago.  He said, if you get an idea, do it right then, don't put it off otherwise it will never get done.  And so many of my brilliant designs have done exactly that, gone the way of the dinosaur.
So I was baking a whole chicken that night and the oven was to be on already.  Roasting this monster would be my best bet.  The web said to score it, season it well, drizzle in oil and face it down on a roasting sheet for 45 minutes.
And that is just what I did and not only was it roasty, toasty caramelized on the outside but it was soft and juicy delicious on the inside.  You could scoop it out bite by bite with the scoring and to my surprise we ate the whole thing.
The revelation was this gentle giant did not need a bunch of prep work and I did not need to drown it in oil.  I just sprayed it with my Misto oil spritzer before and when it came out of the oven, spritzed it again with a good tasting EVOO right before serving and a squirt of lime.  Eggsalent!  So good I plant stand it! Thank you, I'll be here all week!

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