Friday, August 8, 2014

Isn't It Good, Repurposed Wood

P built a cool coffee table out of repurposed pine wood that came from old school benches. It's been like 6 months but I sort of just got how much I really like it.  It has a great live feel to it.  I never thought much about coffee tables until we finally decided to buy one a couple of years ago at IKEA and apparently I didn't think hard enough then either because I picked the worst dead grey brown color and it was way too big for the room.  We quickly realized, we are not those people and our living room is not right for the feel of that kind of table.  Felt like it was sucking the life out of the room to be honest, not sure how, not sure why.  But this one is festive, like a picnic table and it looks much better.  It's kind.
So for an after work dinner I set up a lettuce taco picnic party on said table with quickstyle pico and guac, hummus and watermelon chunks.

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