Saturday, August 23, 2014

Every Time I'm Near Ya, I Get that Urge to Peel ya

The first time I tasted Sesame Peanut Noodles it was at a block party on State Street.  My landlord whipped up her batch late after most dishes were out already.  The presentation was modest so I wasn't expecting much but they were such a dream!  I was shocked.  Coincidentally I was sporting my own trademark Whacky Guacky recipe fresh that day with charred chorizo chunks and grilled corn.  It was on the money and some of the neighbors even took the time to come tell me while we were sitting on the stoop.  I was quite proud.  But then Leslie's noodles all humble sitting there was a great reminder that food can be brilliant on so many levels.  The peanut butter, ginger, the garlic, the sesame oil and crunchy peanuts, I mean it was just so right up my alley.  And spaghetti noodles to boot.  A girl's best friend.

Well thanks to my Veggetti, I can have this dish again!  And God bless 'em, they have a recipe right in the package.  
I added snow peas and chicken to mine only because I was famished and needed a one pot meal.  I also used peanut butter powder that my sister M sent me, (she also sent Bacon salt, the best thing ever!, another post).  That made the sauce a bit runny but just as tasty. I did a mash-up recipe using Emeril's and the simpler Veggetti concoction.  So awesome.  Words fail.  Now every time I see a zucchini I wonder what my next discovery will bring using my Veggetti!

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