Saturday, August 16, 2014

Well Baby Things Change

I think this is my ultimate chicken summer salad of the season thanks to my new Veggetti!  Long strands of cucumber, sweet onion, cilantro and tomatoes in vinegar with black beans topped with a bed of creamy avocado and lime.  That alone would be great for a vegetarian maybe with some veggie chips for crunch.
But I sauteed some grilled chicken breast with chipotle lime seasonings and put that on top.  It glistened in the sun I tell you.  This was the winner of the summer chicken salad competition (that took place in my mind)!  The colors were bright and invigorating.  The flavors and textures were harmonious.  The cucumber sliced so thin quickly picked up the flavors of the red wine vinegar and oil with just the right amount of salt and pepper.  Most people would put a dash of sugar to balance.  For me, the sweet tomatoes were enough, also some fresh basil in the salad.
My diet has changed a lot in the last year and I have to try much harder to make fireworks with things like chicken breast and 99% fat-free ground turkey.  It's almost a miracle when you really do hit that sweet spot.  I've found some meals at the local take out joints that work but nothing to get excited about.  I figure I have to do the work myself if I'm going to have any real joy.  And this got me there with a little help from my Veggetti and a good imagination. 

Sometimes I miss just ordering a whole pizza and that pleasure you get instantly just knowing how great it's going to be and usually is.  P doesn't have those same urges and has no problem staying on a healthy food regime.  Me, I'm a true blue foodie, and find it almost unbearable at times to have restrictions.  God wanted us to be joyful, my sister tells me!  Thank goodness they can't put restrictions on your mind...yet.

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