Sunday, August 24, 2014

It's Getting to the Point, Where I'm No Fun Anymore

I insist we watch all the Country Music Award shows because it's like getting a peek into a hidden universe.  It makes me feel all tickly inside.  Everyone is so dern patriotic and many of the songs are so literal with matching videos in case it wasn't blatantly obvious otherwise.  You gotta wonder if most of these new bucks  have even driven a real pick-up truck or ever made a girl in the backseat of anything.  The accents are a bit put on but that is one of the enjoyable parts.  Before the producers went the way of the Carrie Underwood, Reba Mcentire would host and that little lady would give it her all.  You sorta knew she tried her very best.  She certainly couldn't smile any bigger.  My personal favorite is when she goes all rock and roll, complete with black garb and what Reba considers, hard licks.  This birthed the term giving it the full Reba.  You know who also always gives the full Reba?  Tom Cruise.  And my cat monkey when she sleeps.
Have you ever really watched Tom Cruise run in movies?  It's intense.  Profoundly, hysterically serious.  That man does not disappoint!  He's got a whole thing going with his hands in a straight chop position.  There are entire video montages dedicated to his run. He moves robotically as he builds speed and usually reaches a point where it almost seems he may run clean out of his own body.  And his face is not taking a break during all of this, no sireee. It's fully engrossed in the action.  Full Reba action.  
I was eating breakfast in bed this morning and noticed how my cat monkey really gets full on into her sleep positions.  She never holds back and I admire that about her.  Again, she's giving it the full Reba.  See, this is what you concentrate on when you don't have kids.  I always tell Gay Mike (let me explain....there are about 20 Mikes in the store that I work with so eventually I have to start sorting them into categories and by the way, there is a Gay Mike 2, the asshole and a Straight Mike, the asshole, so I don't discriminate).  Anyway, I always tell Gay Mike that you're never truly pathetic until you start sharing pictures of your cat with everyone (like he does).  Doh!

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