Sunday, July 13, 2014

You've Lost That Loving Feeling

Just leftovers with added peas and salad after work on the day of the World Cup Final.  I got off work right at the final moments of the game so as I was riding my bike you could literally feel something in the air, like an incoming storm.  Most of the restaurants and bars I passed along the way were packed.

I rode along and just as I was coming up along the section of Smith Street that was closed off due to the annual Bastille Day street fair, I heard the loudest roar and like a concert breaking suddenly all these people came pouring out onto the street so it became like a video game maneuvering through everyone.
The whole town felt so connected during these weeks of soccer.  All the people rooting for their countries and it was as if when the games were on, no one was a stranger.  Everyone just opened up like a flower and began talking to each other on the streets.  That unsaid barrier was lifted somehow magically.   The only time I recall this happening was after a big disaster, like 911 or the blackout.  I'm sort of sad to see it all end.

And about 20 minutes after it was over completely, like a worn out spell, that deadened unaware look came back on people's faces and everyone seemed to unplug and disconnect.

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