Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Look What You've Done For Me

You would think that someone who loves to cook would relish in decadent dishes on their days off.  For some reason, I rarely make anything special for myself. I don't take the time to make it pretty on the plate and sometimes won't even take the time to put ice in my drink.  It goes further where I like to stay uncomfortably hot, dripping sweat all day never putting on the air conditioner to get relief. I wait until all my chores are done before I pour myself a big glass iced drink.  It's like a mini lent themed torture routine that I've done for years and years.  You could see it as self loathing or just a reminder to be grateful for all the luxuries that we have in our lives, not to take anything for granted.
But once in a while I'll take that extra minute to do it right like this morning.  I poached my eggs delicately over top of a bed of fire roasted tomato sauce and spicy pinto beans. I put a little char on the canadian bacon, sliced a just-right avocado and dressed it with fresh squeezed lemon juice and salt.  Topped it off with my tangy tomatillo sauce.
I know it all could be different.  I am blessed in a thousand different ways but I also know one bad storm or one crazy terrorist could change everything in a heartbeat.  That plane that looks like it's flying too low to the ground in the gorgeous morning sky could be heading straight for the new Freedom Tower.  Those fireworks off in the distant at night could be bombs going off centered in Times Square.  That next system coming up from the south could take a left turn into the East Coast and devastate the city.  You could say I'm paranoid but it just may be being a realist.  Something could go down at any moment but instead of being scared, I'm trying to remember to honor what is good here and now.  And if my dumb ass thinks fretful perspiration or eating cold leftovers when I could make a huge plate of succulent goodness adds anything positive to the universe than who is anyone to judge me?

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