Saturday, June 14, 2014

You Can Go Your Own Way

I'm trying to talk myself into packing my lunch or dinner for work.  You'd think with all this cooking that I'd easily have stuff to take but honestly so far the $3 staff cafeteria lunch offer has been just fine.  They offer two hot entrees like fried chicken, ribs, hamburgers, salmon with vegetables and rice or potatoes, mac and cheese. I mean it's more than a great deal.  If you don't like that, there is hot soup and salad fixings and also cold meat and bread to make sandwiches.  Coincidentally, almost everything on the menu now except for the salad I don't eat.   So it's been about a year of eating salads. Thing is, whereas there used to be more actual vegetables to make a meal, now the skinny buffet seems a little stale and void of much real nutrition.  I understand budgets.  I was very grateful to get all that great food while it lasted.   Somethings rotten in Denmark now though Jim.   So says my stomach anyways.
So, now the question is how long will it take my procrastinating ass to actually take the time to pack meals each week.  Seems daunting somehow.   This night I just put my toe in the water by still making a salad at work but I brought I bowl of my homemade chicken cabbage soup and dressed it with a huge dollop of my roasted tomatillo sauce.
This workplace has always felt like prison to me so in a way great tasting food is out of place here. But obviously I am not getting out early for good behavior so it may be best to get a fresher outlook on my situation. But either way I could definitely get used to fresher food.

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