Friday, June 6, 2014

All the Little Things that Make You Smile and Glow

Tonight I raced home with a big appetite but no time to dick around with anything time consuming.  I task myself with figuring a meal on my bike ride home.  All I knew for sure was that I had ground turkey and some left over kale. I remembered way back when I used to buy these taco meat seasoning packets and you would add water and it would make like a little gravy in the bottom of the pan.  I basically did the same but just added my own spices, onions, garlic, lots of cumin and chili, browned the ground meat and added a can of pinto beans.  I added about a 1/4 cup of water and even without fat, it made a nice little tasty sauce.
I just wilted the kale down into the mix in the last few minutes of cooking and served it with my Salvadorian cabbage slaw.
I notice pinto beans really help the almost fatless turkey meat taste richer and fuller. Plus it picks up the sauce.  I have also made my own chili powders lately and the taste difference even in a simple dish like this is pretty noticeable.  Simple but right. Simple pleasures are the best.

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