Saturday, June 28, 2014

Summertime, And the Living is Easy

Ground Turkey Quinoa Salad.  Nothing world changing here but I do really believe in chilling and dressing the greens before putting down tasty meat because they need to be able to stand their ground with the bigger flavors of the spiced turkey.  You can't really see it but there is a huge portion of quinoa under all that meat by the way.  I promise.
A big dinner salad, iced tea, watermelon, a cold soup appetizer....  This is what summer life is all about.
I had a cat named Ella.  We named her after Ms Fitzgerald because we got her the day she died, June 15, 1996.  We weren't sure but if it's possible, we thought Ella, the cat, was African American.  Something about her calm confidence and beauty. I called her sweet pea.  She had the most gorgeous green eyes.  I miss her.  But I was so happy to have her until she died.  I was with her when they put her down.  I got to hold her for an hour at the vet and she stared at me the whole time.  Broke my heart and it was beautiful at the same time. She was wrapped in a towel and she was never a cat that liked to be held so it was nice to have her for once just calm in my arms.  She never went limp like my now female cat Monkey.  Ella was always very muscular and heavy, too much of a grown woman to be held.  When she loved you she'd let you know and when you could give her affection.
Cat's are cool.

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