Sunday, June 22, 2014

And No Message Could Have Been Any Clearer

Everyone was pouring out of the neighborhood bars today for the World Cup Soccer game.  What a great reminder that we're all connected in a bigger way than even we can comprehend.  The force that we create is big and noticeable when large groups get together around one purpose.  This is when I feel like I could be one of those whacko mind reading freaks on TV.  I walked outside and I could feel the energy so strongly that it almost gets me high.  The presence is there and very alive, like electricity.

My mother was very aware of this type of force. When I was a teenager I think my mom wanted to believe I wasn't a big freak and she'd tried to help me blend in by following the current trends and ways of the so called normal teenagers.  She'd always ask me 'what are they wearing', 'is that what they say'? And I would look at her like first of all, how the hell would I know, I wasn't exactly the social butterfly and secondly, who is they???  I was so far removed from the social 'they'.  And as far as I was concerned, the they in Fort Wayne Indiana could go suck a rock.  They wouldn't know cool if it bit them in the arse.  But when explaining her feelings, she would also always speak in the second person. I was very literal as a child and believed she was speaking for a giant group of people that were in her same vibe.  And now years later, I think she was! And even though my mother was not real outgoing either, she was very connected to the universe.  She wasn't just speaking for herself but a whole world of feelings, a giant energy that really did exist.  She was just more tapped into it.  Even today she seems to be part of a powerful source.  When I speak with her, she shines with a knowing.
I wish we could bottle or recall this grand feeling of unity that we're all experiencing during the World Cup Soccer games.
I imagine we might even be able to break through some major funk wall that is making us all depressed and anxious if we all came together and focused on a change.  First we have to believe that we're not all individuals, little islands on our own but a mass strength.
I myself could heed that good advice as I feel very alone lots of days and not a part of anything big.  And that is a contradiction to my spiritual beliefs.
I am going to try to feed off of this mass juice this month to regain some vitality I've been lacking.  Also going further, I'm going to try to turn to it for ideas and strength to make some major changes in my life.  Obviously I am not alone in this world.

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