Sunday, June 15, 2014

Love is the Answer

Has anyone tried to cook this nitrate free turkey bacon?  First of all you can't pull it apart without it all falling into a million pieces.  I put the strips on a baking sheet in the oven for 20 minutes and still burnt it.  I love that I can eat the bacon without the nitrates because they are a major migraine trigger for me but there has got to be a trick.  You know I never thought about reading the label for cooking directions.  Maybe there really is a proper way to make this .  Next time.  I'm always so manic when making morning breakfast because I have the rot gut from coffee going and it's all about getting the quick fix.  I need to take my time and put some thought into it.  Like a good egg salad, its so simple but the lunch lady at work makes it so perfectly it's a spoonful of heaven.  Just the right amount of mayo, her eggs are soft and never rubbery.  She says her secret is she makes it with love.
Thank goodness I'll eat anything, burnt or not.  If I paid good money for it, I'm eating the damn thing.  I had lots of roasted tomatillo salsa for my herby egg scramble.
There is controversy around whether nitrates are harmful in cured meats and I read that arugula has more than hot dogs.  I am not eating them because of the cancer scare but because they proved to be a migraine trigger.  I can only say from my own experience, even this very week when I was forced (forced, I tell ya!) to eat a salami sandwich at work from a vending machine because the staff cafe was closed, the next morning like clockwork, I got a major headache.  I don't get headaches from arugula.  The science is there.

basil, mint and cilantro went into my herby eggs along with onion and tomatoes and bell pepper.
For dinner, leftover lemon chicken thighs.

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