Sunday, June 29, 2014

Psychedelic Shack, That's Where It's At

A place after my own heart, Habana Cafe to-go.  Kind of funny we were doting all over El Toro when we have this great festive spot right on our corner.  I don't know why I never really noticed the new cafe they opened on the opposite side of the street as their Outpost.

 Anyway, they have taco bowls.  I love bowls!  I'm all about the food bowl!  We shared, beef and chicken.  I was very happy with this because of the crunchy corn strips that we are not supposed to eat but hey, how bad could a few of them be?!  And there was a great meat to lettuce ratio.  Plus I like the carrots and corn.  The main thing is the greens were crisp and fresh.

The bonus surprise was this spicy spinach side.  I don't know what the guy put in the pan in the beginning but it was super hot, caught on fire and then he quickly added the spinach for about a minute and then squeezed lemon on it.  It tasted like grilled Asian shrimp or something.  I have no idea but I loved it!!  Next time I have to pay attention.
The other nice change was a tip from our other local taco spot, El Toro Taqueria.  I realized there was something to that very simple guacamole that they serve, when you only use penos, smashed avocado and lime.  No tomato, no garlic, no cilantro.  Reminds me of my dad's quac. He put lots of black pepper in his.  Plus this is so purrrrdy and green!  Guacamole is best right after it's made so I made it right before we sat down to this great meal.

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