Monday, June 9, 2014

One Thing Leads to Another

I have these silent dinner fails sometimes.  I blame it on not having cable so I'm not able to learn from the cooking shows all the techniques and new breakthroughs that I imagine everyone is privy to.  I fear everyone else knows how to make everything and I'm over here trial and erroring it all over the dang place.  Serves me right for being such a hermit.

As you can sort of see, I burnt the chicken which was a shame since I took the time to marinate it in yogurt and lemons, dill and garlic.  My mistake was cooking it on my hot grill pan.  These little nuggets would have been best baked in the oven.
So, screwed it up, got over it and have moved on.  The yogurt dill sauce was tasty though!
And if I had to pull out the bright side I'd say it lead me to focus on this confetti corn with red peppers, jalapeno, onion and lime chili pepper.  So good!  I used to love my corn with a nice pat of butter but you don't miss it at all with the splash of lime and chili! 

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