Monday, May 19, 2014

We've Got to Fight the Powers that Be

Lemon Pepper Chicken with cabbage and red bell pepper.  I've made this before and put it atop a nice bed of corn meal masa.  I also like it on it's own for a light supper.
Cabbage is still fairly cheap and I saute it to maximize it's nutritional benefits.  Its a cancer fighter and cholesterol reducer. It's good for digestion and it's antioxidant rich.  It's perfect with strips of chicken breast.
Speaking of chicken breasts.  So I bought this family pack.  5 chicken breasts.  Regular price was $21.04.  Okay.... WTF!?  Twenty ONE dollars!  And this wasn't the free range good stuff, just the run of the mill Purdue Chicken breasts.  Of course I wasn't crazy enough to pay that.  It was on sale for $8.64.  What the hell though?  Does anyone pay the full price?  Are we all just waiting to buy our chicken on sale?  Why the game people?  Why such a huge mark up?  We the shopper people need to start fighting back to get this shit back to making some sense.  Fight the Power!

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