Thursday, May 15, 2014

I Love You More Today, Than Yesterday

Black bean and corn chicken salad topped with my raw tomatillo salsa.  This was my first attempt at a fun chicken salad during my chicken salad week extravaganza prompted by my El Toro Chicken salad take out meal.  I ordered a salad and liked it but then challenged myself to see if I could make a more exciting one.
I think I beat them on the chicken flavor and texture.  We both used black beans.  They had those cool pickled red onions and I just had fresh raw.  I added corn, they didn't.  I served over arugula, they had chunks of romaine.  I added baked pea chips for crunch.  I omitted the sour cream.

The dressing was key as it provided a tangy fun quality.

But all in all, I didn't knock anything out of the park, so I'm gonna say this salad was tied with their salad.

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