Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Fruits of My Labor

I am wild about soups.  I feel like I passed through some sort of crossroads of understanding their construction.  Again, like the salsas and like stews or salads, it's a simple math formula. One plus two equals soup! After that all possibilities and combinations are endless.  You need the base veggies, usually onions, carrots, and celery but it can be anything...or nothing.  Boom! You need liquid.  That can be water, broth, homemade or canned stock.  Then any vegetable-meat combo or just vegetables if you're feeling sexy.  After understanding that I've felt free to put small additions to bonus out the flavors and start getting creative.
Like in this ground turkey, cabbage soup I added a can of small white beans and whole tomatoes and about a 1/2 cup of left over roasted tomato salsa. Freakin' heaven and with a half an avocado over top made it enough to call it dinner!

Second day soup is even better when everything gets all married together and one flavor rolls into the next.

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