Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I'm Trying To Tell You Now It's Sabotage!

A million years ago I managed an in-store autograph signing with Destiny's Child for Virgin Megastore in Times Square.  I was aware that these girls were breaking at that time, but had no idea just how huge and how fast this was all happening.  We had a close relationship with MTV's Total Request Live across the street. I believe the commotion shut down the store quick and I remember lots of random details.  Beyonce really stood out, even though all the girls had equally garish outfits at that time.  But that girl shined like a bright light.  I remember their father very well too.  We had a heated argument, something to do with us needing to gain control of the maddening crowds and the chaos that was forming outside that the cops were calling hysteria. Basically we were sabotaged and this was Sony trying to be cute with our property on the cheap.  I remember him telling me that these girls were 'good Christian girls', although I'm not sure why that was brought into question.  At the time I only knew he was managing them but not aware of his relation.
Beyonce struck me as a daddy's girl big time.  And when I see them together I believe that Jay Z must act as a father figure in many ways to her. Just a hunch.  Just last week I thought how great it was that we never have to hear about Beyonce going koo koo, like all the superstars before her or Jay Z being caught with a stripper.  Beyonce is the biggest you can be and she hasn't had a nervous breakdown.  That is either a testament to her or it just hasn't happened yet. This week when I watched the video over and over of Solange ripping into Jay Z, and Beyonce not reacting or moving, I thought, hmmm, wow, maybe we're finally gonna see a break in the constant.

Anyone that rich and famous has to have some drama.  Those two are like the dang duke and duchess or something.  How can they stay out of the media?
And then I think, why do I care about this?  Oh wait, I don't.  I don't care, it's just something to distract me from my own life's problems and anxieties right now.   The media is making me believe that I care what happened but in reality, this doesn't affect me in the least.  Family drama is personal and we should all just kindly and politely look away.
However, on the other hand, in the video tape its just so dern peculiar how Beyonce just stands there as if she is not even in that tiny elevator hearing and seeing this mass commotion.  If my sister was hauling ass on my husband I would be either helping her or doing my best to stop her.  Sure, I don't travel with a body guard but even so, I'd need a lobotomy to have that same reaction.
And that is some deep-rooted emotion coming outta that girl Solange.  That's anger a woman only gets once she's slept with the man.  Not sure if it fits being just sister rage.  I wonder what the heck he did.

Time will tell what's up with all that.  That, what is none of my business.
This salad became my business when I slapped some veggie chips on it and called it dinner.

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