Wednesday, July 3, 2013

No More Lonely Nights

Turning the oven on in this heat and humidity could be suicide.  But I'm so lonely without my little mini weeknight pizzas.  Well, don't let a little heatwave deprive you of your pizza fix girl. Make stovetop pizza!
I'm very proud of this little invention. I just toasted thin bread in the toaster first, topped with quick pizza sauce, frozen chopped broccoli quickly rinsed and drained, onion, pepperoni and cheese.  In the side of the pan, I added a bunch of fresh baby spinach and put the lid on until the cheese melted and the spinach wilted.  Then added it to the top.
If you get the pan hot enough, the bread will stay nice and crusty on the bottom.  Don't let it steam, crack the lid a bit otherwise it will get soggy. 

Tiny pizzas as cute as puppies!

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