Saturday, July 6, 2013

Do Me A Favor, Open the Door...Let Em In

We are so fortunate to be able to walk a block and get the best burgers.  We split one on this day from 67 Burger. Two halves of two amazing burgers.  Both fabulous.  Why can't we see how lucky we are from day to day, more consistently?  I hate to admit it but deep inside, I see the glass as half full...half full of assholes!  Some days I can't help but concentrate on all that's missing and wrong, corrupt, ill-planned.  Why? Why can't I just choose to be happy or more content?  Why recognize negativity? 
It's as if everything I know is in the empty part of that glass.  The familiars. depression, sadness, the longing, the discontent.  The broken-hearted, the lonely, the skittish, the leery, the hurt, the distrusting.  The sacked.  The weary, tired and weak. I can hang with the crowd that see the glass half full.  And I can see it too. It's much happier over there. I believe it exists, let's put it that way.  My world is filled with amazing beautiful interesting people and Brooklyn is the most fascinating place one could live in so many ways.  Why can't I just let it all be my reality?  Why would anyone choose to fill their thoughts with the asswipes?  Take my job for example. Please. Bahdumbump.  I really like my gay guy from Texas who always has tons of interesting things to report and talks a mile a minute, can't seem to finish a thought.  We have lunch when we get the chance to take our breaks together.  I really enjoy the Rasta drummer who loves to talk about the 'what if's' in a way that a child see things.  He seems to see things with fresh eyes and it's fun to listen to him. His sentences always start out with 'imagine if'. I love that! Regularly when I ride my bike, I see good people just living their lives.  That's a nice satisfying thing.  But it's like I see it thru the glaring muck.  It's there but it's an exception.
I had all these super tasty leftovers from the 4th get-together so I was able to construct these kick-ass quesadillas with steak and corn and peno's, cheese and salsa.
I served with black beans to make myself think I was eating something semi-healthy.
What seems to fill my head are the sneers of the mean girls I pass in the bathroom at work or on the streets.  But a lot of people smile and say hi.  I store the memories of the ones who throw those bad ugly vibes.  The one bad experience from the bike ride, what will keep rolling in my mind will be the asshole that cut me off on Fulton. Or the jerk who had to pass me but now I'm having to ride slower because I'm on his tail but won't let me pass. What a turd!  Are these all coincidences or simply confirmations that everything I fear is true about people and life? 
But none of that is as interesting to me as why one would even bother to accept any of that if they could instead consider all the good and hold that as their proof. Why can't I just be grateful and cool?  Live in the moment and see the glory that fills these days.  Enjoy my burgers and steak quesadillas and just be cool.

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