Sunday, July 14, 2013

I'm Hooked on a Feeling

I love breakfast!  When I work a late shift on the weekends I make sure to at least make a nice big meal for me and the P.  These are two examples of breakfast eggs.  One savory and cheesy with the emphasis on a robust, sturdy, solid meal.
Note I have the warmed white flour tortillas that I'm trying never to eat again but somehow keep sneaking into my fridge.  Turkey bacon, mozzarella cheese, baby spinach and a dollop of sour cream in the eggs.
The second breakfast is also very filling but the flavors are more fresh and energizing, with zest of lemon, cold tomatoes and eggs with baby spinach scrambled over two little corn meal cakes just lightly dusted in seasoned flour and sautéed in a little margarine.  Served with spicy chicken sausage.
In the morning before the real hunger starts, I start to fantasize about the breakfast I'd really like to have that day.  The fantasy can be anything from a real restaurant, to a make believe one, home cooked food, someone making me breakfast...anything. Then I come back to reality and consider what I have in the house.  I mix them all together in my head and then figure which one I can really make.   
The good thing is I try to start a bit of the fantasizing earlier in the week at the grocery store so I actually have interesting ingredients or at least complimentary breakfast type foods, like the turkey bacon, baby spinach, potatoes, etc to work with.   One item can spark an idea.  In this case I knew all week I wanted to try these little cornmeal cakes, so they began with that cream dreamy polenta earlier in the week. 

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