Friday, July 12, 2013

I Gotta Have Some of Your Attention.... Give it to Me!

Was this corn meal mash as good as I believe it was?
At first sight this plate looks pretty boring but that chicken was baked to a juicy perfection and that corn meal was heaven.  Cheesy, a little spice, creamy but with enough corn grittiness for it to be hearty and more than pleasing.  And I have to say, the green beans, a perfect accompaniment.
I often wonder, is anyone special? 
Is everyone special?
I know acting is a real craft but are TV personalities really any different or do most people have the ability to play characters and be charismatic with the proper tools, lighting and direction?
Do we all carry some unique beauty or talent that if unleashed and filmed, we all have the capacity to shine on stage or screen?

But it also raises the question, is anything really distinctive? 
Was I just super hungry and anticipating the tasty mash because I already know I usually love it?
Do I know what good baked chicken tastes like and so I arrived at happy before even biting into the crispy skin?
Did you ever notice that when you first meet people they might seem so ordinary but after a few weeks you might find that same person intriguing in one way or another.  You find their quality even if it's faint.  You can't put your finger on it but that person gets a distinction in your mind.  They're filed and classified as friend, foe or pending.  Some need more research but one thing is for sure is that they are individually different. 

Or the opposite, when you meet someone and they shine so bright you can't ignore their presence even if you wanted to, whether you like them or not?  Is presence specialness? Or do special people usually have presence but presence does not necessarily mean someone is special?

This corn meal mash was that exceptional tonight.  The spices were that perfect balance of the cheese and texture.  It doesn't always happen this way.  I've certainly made standard blobby mash before, in fact probably the last three times.  It was good but not that good.

Perhaps we aide in the specialness status by hoisting our picks up the ladder and with enough nudges, people recognize their potential and that recognition grows like a virus until the perception becomes the reality? 

Could that work with food though?  Someone who does not like the taste of corn might not be moved when that combination hits their pallet. It may be perfect only to me, therefore special only to me, although P loved it too and I waited for his reaction.  He definitely got that it was really good and went on about it for a long time.  He made a point to say it was indeed special.

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