Sunday, July 28, 2013

Don't Let Me Hear You Say Life's Taking You Nowhere, Angel

I do breakfast a lot because of my work schedule.  I really enjoy cooking for me and the nut but many times breakfast is the only meal we get to share.  I still have lots of breakfast ideas but when reality actually hits, I tend to make things we know we like and are quick.  Plus I usually have tomatoes and spinach around.  But in general my cooking has not been that inspired. 

It's economical too.  What is affordable?  Turkey bacon, turkey sausage, spinach, onions, tomatoes. The usual suspects. Potatoes too but as with the white flour, we're trying to limit starches and complex carbs.  The 12 deadly foods coincidentally are very cheap, always in huge fresh quantities front and center of the grocery store and frankly, I'm not so sure I completely trust all the information out there.  Why would I?  Everyone has their specific agendas and funds their own studies to skew the facts.  But just like I feel that some of the food might not be as bad for you as they are reporting, I also feel some of it may be worse.  Have you opened a regular can of chunk light tuna lately?  And what is that anyway, chunk light?!  The fishy smell is strong, the texture is freaky, it's bad.  You have to be a lawyer and a scientist to break down all the info and decipher for yourself what is safe and healthy to eat.  There are so many factors. Too many. 

Local farmers can use pesticides too.  Organic fruits and vegetables are not always necessary so you have to memorize that long list.  A few years ago there was nothing better than rich canned tomatoes and now all the sudden they are practically poison because of the lining in the can?  Why is it okay to keep producing them?  Why don't they fix it?  Instead they just say 'you shouldn't eat canned tomatoes'???!!  Basically anything cheap is really bad for you. Remember when the egg got all that bad press?  Do you now have to be a private investigator just to buy your week's grocery supply?  It's getting ridiculous.  I burrow through the International food aisle searching for anything new I may have missed that is still cheap but edible.
But without trying to make excuses I sit here and admit, I lost some of my cooking mojo simply because my day to day life has also lost some luster.  The bloom is off the rose.  We're knee deep in summer and I'm lost in my own mental Siberia.  

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