Saturday, July 6, 2013

Baby, Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me

Just scrambled eggs with fresh 'penos and sweet onions but still good.  My point today was I believe little by little we snuck bread back into our daily food.  We had stopped eating it for a while and boy did the weight just go right down to a more comfortable body fit.  It's as if your stomach goes into some better balance without the bread.  I felt better and lighter and not bloated.
Mainly, I wanted to see if the wheat had anything to do with my migraines and I'm still not sure but I didn't have attacks during the time we weren't eating it.  But we also do this from time to time just to sort of feel better. We know it works but it's always surprising just how much peppier we feel too. 
The hard thing about not eating bread is that you tend to eat more meat.  I try to put a couple servings of vegetables on the plate and make it about variety but it takes getting used to. You almost have to trick yourself.  I find it's easier to mix the meat into the vegetables to control the quantity. Another tip is to add pickley things or fruit to the dinner plate. Again, the variety helps in between bites of the entrĂ©e.
But it's mysterious why if your body feels so much better not eating it, why we wouldn't just fight the cravings?  The cravings are real strong at certain times.  And it's so easy to slip back and get hooked. It seems to start with breakfast toast with me and then builds into a gigantic bowl of pasta before I know it. 
You'll note I'm eating Whole Wheat Tortillas for this breakfast.  Those may be a bit better but in my experience, the gateway to flour tortillas.

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