Thursday, May 2, 2013

Couldn't Escape If I Wanted To

Women (okay, maybe just me) are slightly underhanded and cruel. P doesn't like Indian Curry but loves Thai curry. I love both! So once in awhile when I gotta have my Indian, I mention we'll be having curry with the same enthusiasm you'd coax a child to eat his vegetables. You like curry honey! He doesn't quite understand yet how to distinguish between the two even though he doesn't like the smell of Tumeric, the great thing is that he doesn't know what Tumeric smells like, he says. Men are really just upright apes with child's brains anyway right? What did I say?! Sure they can formulate sentences and pass but once in the safety of their own homes, they digress down to their primate forms, communicating with grunts and snarls. They can't contain their bodily functions and fall directly to sleep following their feeding. Oh, excuse me, maybe you have one of those sophisticated trained primates that holds meaningful conversations with you and helps do the dishes, cleans up after himself, bathes. Don't be so judgmental. P is a kind gentle monkey, man. I wouldn't sell or trade him for anything less than a hundred dollars. Why he once brought me a 4ft ceramic clown as a gift and hauled it all the way back from some three day binge vacation in Illinois. He presented it with all the sincerity of Lassie trying to tell the sheriff there was a fire in the barn. He loved me. He was trying to say he loved me. And I tolerate love him too. We're both grandfathered in, so no-one is going anywhere. While I was in 7th heaven eating this delicious pork with chick peas, cauliflower and potatoes in yellow curry, P felt it important to tell me that he 'liked it' but would never order it in a restaurant. He continued but if it came to him by mistake, he'd eat it without sending it back. Yeah, keep talkin' clown boy!


  1. 7 years later, I read this and it makes me laugh. Good on you little monkey! signed, me the monkey


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