Friday, May 24, 2013

Good Day Sunshine!

I talk a lot about lethargy and depression, melancholy days and even phobias about leaving the house.  Sometimes though, I actually rise early and get right to things.  Less often unfortunately than I'd like to admit but it does still occur.

Today I started off making a nice chili powder blend as a gift for my dad on Father's Day.  Instead of an ass mangler, I just made a nice mild sweet powder with ancho chiles and some jalapenos, spices. 
Got it all ready to go, even tied a little bow on it. 
I'll never send it.  No, as a matter of fact I'm staring at it right now almost two weeks later.  I've even used some of it.  You see I have another disorder where I can't seem to pick up phones or mail things, letters or cards - especially gifts.  I know these blocks exist and I haven't exactly accepted them per say, let's just say, maybe I'm not so surprised to see the gift still here.  I'm a work in progess,  Can I get an amen?!
I doctored up some Campbell's chicken noodle soup with greens and a little left over egg tart.  Very good actually with some pepper flakes.
Then I whipped up some chimichurri but this time hand chopping the parsley and cilantro in order to enjoy the smell of the herbs and prolong the creative process.  I think there is a true art to getting the garlic, oil, herb balance just right with the vinegar not too tart.  Chimichurri is best learned from a pro.  I was only told how to make from a lady from work.  But the best schooling was that I tasted hers and it was DEEvine.  So once you know how it 'should' be, then you strive for that bingo moment at first bite. 
Later that day I did something of a flat chimichanga, in other words a fried flour tortilla sandwich with turkey kielbasa, spinach, blue cheese and...
...a side of warmed pineapple, and a 1/2 avocado with chimichurri dressing.

Better than expected.  Something happens when you fry flour torts that turns them into almost a pie pastry taste.  I just sauteed the pineapple in a little butter and mint.  When you can, I say do, because you never know when it's gonna come again.  Actually that's P's saying. He has a ton of them.  I follow the ebbs and tides of my emotional cycles and do the best I can with my limitations.  This was a good day though.

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