Monday, May 27, 2013

I'm In Love and It's a Sunny Day

We had a really good shrimp appetizer in the most delicious light batter from a street vendor during the festival in Fort Greene this Memorial day weekend. Unfortunately they had some pretty poopy weather for part of the three day fest. Usually you get to see so many striking and colorful outfits from Africa and the Caribbean.  I like to take pictures like the geek that I am.
We took a look see early this Monday morning before most people were out. Most vendors were just setting up still at around 12noon. 
We made the mistake of being super hungry just starting out and that can be hard, not to mention very expensive to buy from vendors in piece meal like that.  The shrimp was great but like $8!  It was good though and you seldom get shrimp cooked to perfection like that, and the batter so light.  I wish I would have gotten the name of that truck.
It's also rough to go for the full on Jerk Chicken meal at noon before your tastebuds are fully awake.  And then what do you do, eat it at the pee-smellin' curb, spilling your rice all over with the wind blowing your hair in your face while sweating in the sun?  That's not comfortable for me.  I need to sit and enjoy with a beverage.

After walking a bit more and realizing nothing was happening this early and we are clearly on a different internal clock than the rest of the festival goers as we'd been up for hours and hours....
and taking good pictures is too obvious and possibly annoying to some when you're right out there where they can spot you - seemed kinda wrong and invasive....
So, we hiked it back to Academy Diner where they would have good unsweetened ice tea, coffee and the best grilled burgers and fries.  We could sit down, chat and enjoy each others company and conversation.  One of the best advantages of a good diner is just the relaxed comfortable atmosphere to do that.  Great day!

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