Saturday, May 11, 2013

Am I Wrong to Try to Hold On to the Best Thing I Ever Had

True love was born today as I was searching uses for tomatillos. I love my roasted salsa and ended up having it over broiled steak too but I wanted something new. And sister, let me tell you I found it in this Creamy Tomatillo Ranch Dressing. It spoke to me in the cool creaminess that only Ranch dressing can but also with the wit of the tart tomatillo, lime and cilantro. Buttermilk. Listen, this all whipped up together and chilled over a nice bed of lettuce and herbs, tomatoes, carrots, onions....bacon bits. Apparently in Utah there is this Cafe Rio they speak about, I think it's a chain restaurant and this recipe had been around for years copying a dish they serve out there. Here's the website with the recipe and better pics: I'm all about this dressing. It is reminiscent of another very special ranch type dressing I had in a restaurant salad bar in Fort Wayne years ago. There was one ingredient that I can't place that sent me, like a cat with the nip. I was wild for this stuff. Could NOT get enough. To this day I don't know what it was and would pay top dollar to find out. This dressing has that same effect. Because it has the buttermilk I wasn't sure if I was wrong to go pouring it on, you know fat content-wise. But to speak to that concern I used low-fat buttermilk and it was just slightly less velvety and still robust in flavors.

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