Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Change is Gonna Do Ya Good

Whoever is running PathMark now is doing a better job, however us patrons seem to be footing the bill for all the new racking by all these hiked prices on everyday items. Less stuff seem to be on sale each week too. More pale skinned chubby men with clipboards in stiff beige pants and bad shoes spell change. Hire some extra cashiers ferchrissakes! How long does a girl gotta wait in line to give you money? And even though it's entertaining, there must be 20 guys back there in that butcher shop and every single one of them is yacking their mouth at warp speed and not working when I walk by. Top of their lungs, they're talking smack about something. I have to chime in sometimes just because you can't help it. Last week it was about gays...nature versus nurture. Who knew straight men felt so passionately about the subject. It's actually fun and all that but is that why I pay $4.99 now instead of $3.99 for the same turkey sausage in the same packaging by the same company as last month? Same goes for the cereal, coffee, peanut butter, milk, and toilet paper!? Because if it is, then shut the hell up and start chopping boys. Momma needs a new pair of Levi's and you're not that cute. However, some things make shopping better like the larger selection of fresh greens and not just the turnip and collard prices but the fresh lettuces and baby spinach. Organic spring mixes for prices I can afford and right in time for what would be spring before the devil took over the weather.

Most likely I eat way too much meat however my meat-to-vegetable or greens ratio has improved dramatically thanks to hiked meat prices and better produce. One link of turkey sausage with sauteed grape tomatoes and a big side of salad with feta cheese and pepperoncini peppers, lemon vinaigrette was all she wrote for dinner tonight. A bit of leftover rice.

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