Saturday, April 27, 2013

She Told Me to Walk This Way

There is something about a mediocre eating spot that keeps us coming back for more. No, sometimes you want the best... and so I cook at home. ba dum pump...haa haa, little joke. No seriously, there are amazing breakfast joints in this neighborhood alone. But sometimes you find a good balance, some odd fit to your needs and even though the food is not amazing, it works. I wanted Mexican and it was super early, like 7:30am and I also wanted a little walk with the nut. I told him instead of coffee at home, lets just get out right away. So we ventured out to Clinton Hill and went to Castro's. They open at 8am and are happy to see ya bright and early. They're inexpensive and they remind me of the roadside food we had out in Arizona. There is a smoky good taste to much of it. The walk over was sweet and it really felt like spring. We caught a nice long stretch without having to share the sidewalk with the masses that would be awake in about two hours coming out in droves filling those same streets. So many blooming trees. Morning springtime in New York is like watching a 2 year old sleeping in it's little bed right before it wakes up and terrorizes your house. So calm, so beautiful...sniff sniff 'hey, what's that smell?' The food was really tasty and satisfying, not too heavy even though we over-ordered with the extra tacos. But who could resist, they were so cute and cheap! One was a chorizo and one was a spicy pork. Over all great choice. The whole experience inspired me to finally concoct this savory breakfast bar that I've been conjuring up in my head. P's been going at these peanut butter bars I've made consistently now for a few weeks. Such a great alternative and easy to eat on the go. We pay out the ying yang for these bars in the corner markets. I thought perhaps turkey jerky along with sun dried tomatoes to replace the raisins and spiced nuts might mix well with tahini paste to make a nice snack bar. P loved them! He ate the whole pan. Me, not so crazy for 'em but I really wanted to love them. They stuck together well and the consistency was perfect. I think they might come back around for an encore appearance at some point.

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