Sunday, April 7, 2013

Every Girl's Crazy 'Bout a Slow Baked Ham

Got a ham for Easter, but no time to make it for the actual event being that I've failed completely in life and work at a menial retail job for a ten year old that looks like the Pink Panther and schedules me for every holiday.

That's okay, Miss Houston assures me they can't take away my dignity. So the next best thing was to slow bake it all night long so we get the sweet smells drifting into our sleepy souls during slumber. And then upon awakening peeling back that foil to reveal what's gonna be the best breakfast ever!

Oh my gosh. I thought pork shoulder aroma was amazing. This is that and Christmas morning! I mean this, for me, was it. And you know I didn't even have to do a rub or a glaze. It was all just the pig in a heavy pot with foil over it. Easiest recipe ever!

There were pieces that were caramelized and stringy like pork, parts were sweet and juicy like ham, some pieces were a tiny bit fatty and super soft.

We fed from it all week like lions.

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