Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I Feel That Ice Is Slowly Melting

I'm not sure how fast it actually happens but it feels like there is one week in the spring when you wake up and the trees have bloomed. Maybe you see the blossoms beginning to bud for a week and then all of the sudden the sun is just dancing on this marvelous tree that screams LIFE! Some years like this one, the tree half blooms and then directly turns green. But after the winter we've just had, I believe everyone is super grateful to see any signs of spring or freshness, flowers, buds, sun, green. Anything relating to warmer weather really. Today was one of those days where you realize we have changed seasons, even though winter wants to hang on to our ankles. It may still be cold and windy but we've taken a turn. I could not wait to get out of work and breathe in that fresh air. I also could not wait to make these two salsa tostadas with ground turkey and black beans. I've had about as much lettuce as a person can eat this week at work, so instead of piling them high as usual with my iceberg, I instead added avocado to my homemade salsa verde and then added a fresh pico to the top. I sprayed a mist of Olive Oil using my Misto sprayer and baked the corn tortillas on my pizza stone to get them nice and toasty. Super refreshing and right on time! A very spring meal. Then I took a tip from my good friend Willie the cat and laid on my bed in the sun to soak up all that glorious nutritious warmth!

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