Saturday, April 6, 2013

One of These Nights

You know all those Grill Mate Seasonings that you see in the grocery stores and if you're like me you say, 'uh, no thanks I'll make my own'? Telling yourself they probably taste artificial and are filled with bad things., maybe if you're feeling a little less inspired one night, I'd encourage you to pick up McCormick's Mesquite seasoning.

Tonight after work I was faced with pork chops and no particular big ideas. I'm in a tiny Brooklyn apartment with no chance in sight to ever grill. I miss those tastes.

Add a little orange juice and a squeeze of lemon after a good snowfall of this stuff, a hot oiled pan and I had myself some perfectly seasoned blackened pork chops that could have come straight off the grill! Giant flavors and very real. I loved it!

As the kids would say at work, 'Good on you McCormick!' for keeping up with the upgraded tastes of your customers. America's tastebuds are growing up and you have been there with us!'

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